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  How we Think

Brain and Capital will face squarely to the facing issues which confront Japanese enterprises,
and support to achieve “Japanese way of revitalization”

  Facing issues which confront Japanese enterprises
  Dilemma of matured market
Both physical and mental gap between matured Japanese market and oversea emerging markets prevent Japanese enterprises of globalization
  Barrier to develop new business
Although Japanese enterprises do understand how to develop new business, lack of concrete opportunity and execution talent makes Japanese enterprise hesitate to take any action
  Legacy of outdated business unit or subsidiary
With absence of growth driver and financial backup to execute restructuring, Japanese enterprises can’t get rid of matured business with negative cash flow or NPV
  The way we stand against the issues
  Japanese way of revitalization
Stakeholder management
Co-operation with existing management and employee
  Business oriented view
Resolving business matters first
Invest for business
  Long-term view
Operational view
  Providing and training management talent
Providing management talent
Educating M&A specialist