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All the BRAIN and CAPITAL directors have
wide range of business experience with great intensity.
As a group of professionals,
we are fully committing to client’s future growth
SAWADA, Hiroyuki
Brain and Capital Holdings, Inc. 
Mr. Sawada is the founder and Chairman of Brain and Capital Holdings, Inc. He has more than 35 years of work experience in the professional consulting field specializing in the areas of Business Transformation and M&A. In particular, his expertise focuses on the strategic and competitive dynamics of industrial restructuring including acquisitions, alliances, and the integration of organizations, as well as assisting in the revitalization of organizations by empowering through mobilization. He also serves as an outside director and advisor of leading companies in Japan.
Mr. Sawada was a senior partner and board member of Booz and Company, Inc. and representative director of Booz and Company, Japan. Prior Booz, he was representative director of Gemini Consulting Japan, and founding partner of Corporate Directions, Inc. His early consulting career includes project manager at Boston Consulting Group.
MBA, University of Chicago
MA and BA Economics, University of Washington
IMAMURA, Shunsuke
Brain and Capital Holdings, Inc.
Mr. Imamura spent 14 years as a strategic consultant at Gemini, Booz and the Boston Consulting Group working with Japanese companies mainly in telecommunications, media, technology, industrial goods and consumer businesses. His demonstrable strengths are in project implementation working closely with financial stakeholders
He worked as a strategic consultant at Gemini, Booz and Boston Consulting Group. Prior to working in the consulting industry, he was a managing director (CFO) of a game software publisher (Imagineer Co.,Ltd.). Prior to Imagineer, he worked in the IPO division of Nomura Securities.
BA Psychology, University of Tokyo
KUBO, Tetsuo
Brain and Capital Holdings, Inc.
Executive Director of administration
Mr. Kubo has worked for Asahi bank (currently Risona bank) as a director of divisions such as credit, loan and business planning and engaged important issues of the bank. He realized urgent resolution of "Janome" stock issue, worked as a deputy director of loan division. He transferred to Aoki Construction and lead bad-debt disposal project including big overseas property sale. After back to Kyowa bank, he figured out risks of the business merger with Sanwa bank and Tokai bank and changed the direction of the bank supported by relevant authorities.
After Risona bank, he developed his own consulting company. He accepted a request from Shintaro Ishihara, Tokyo governor, and worked for fundamental turnaround of Shin Ginko Tokyo which is developed by Tokyo government and struggled in the red for 4 years. He worked as a director and made the bank turn positive within 1 year.
He joined to Brain and Capital in 2016.
BA law, Waseda University
NOMATA, Tsuneo
Brain and Capital Holdings, Inc.
Executive Director
Mr. Nomata has worked for Yasuda Trust & Banking (Currently Mizuho Trust & Banking) as a Senior Credit Officer of Credit Check and a Director of Compliance and Risk Control. After that, at Shin Ginko Tokyo, he has worked for a Director of Treasury and Investment and a Director of Trust Business Planning. He became a President of Orion Electric Ltd in November,2016 and joined Brain and Capital Holdings in April 2017as a Director.
BA,law, Kyushu University
LL.M., Graduate school of law, Waseda University
Doctoral program in business law, Graduate school of business sciences, Tsukuba University